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Enabling Safety For Your Customers first

Our Instacart Clone incorporates safety features that make the delivery from a source to customer safe.

Warehouse Compliance checks

if you’re operating one, our safety and compliance functionality begins right from the warehouse. As per the safety norms, you can ensure that your warehouse or your partner’s warehouse complies with a slew of safety checks that have to be marked as completed on a regular basis. Best practices such as Warehouse sanitization, regular temperature checks, etc are part of the compliance checks.

Photo proof

Enforce stringent procedures and back it up with photo proof. Ask for photo proof at every step of the way.

Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery as an option would make the delivery as safe as possible. Customers can pay online and the product will be dropped off at the location set by them. This minimizes the risk of direct contact with the delivery personnel.

Contact Tracing Tool

In the event that any of the delivery agent or a customer has contracted the infection, to assist the authorities, simply entering the phone number, the list of people who the delivery agent has delivered to within that period will be shown under their account.

Pre-delivery check

Before picking up the product and delivering, the delivery agent should verify that he is wearing gloves and face mask and the package has been safely sealed. The customer would be notified too.
Grocery delivery softwareGrocery delivery software


Businesses now have to change the way they operate in terms of following safety procedures for their staff and also their customers. Owing to these operational difficulties, most offline businesses are falling apart during these testing times. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Especially if your business is in the last mile Grocery delivery sector. As a daily essentials & Grocery delivery business, your business is the bridge between the Grocery shop/ Supermarket or Warehouse and the customer. The onus of your customer’s safety lies in you. We kept this factor on our mind while developing our Instacart Clone. The Grocery Delivery Script has 25+ Safety iterations specifically designed to comply with safety standards set by health organizations & governments across the world.

Delivery boy


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    Customer logs on to the app and looks for either a product or chooses a grocery store closest to them

  • null

    Search Catalog

    Browses the store’s neatly organized catalog and then choose the items, selects the quantity for each item

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    After selecting everything they need, they proceed to checkout to place the order.
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    Choose Payment Method

    Make the payment through the list of payment methods or Cash on delivery (This can be turned off).

  • null

    Order placed

    Once the payment is made, the order is then placed with the grocery store partner who gets the order ready for the delivery agent to pick up.

  • null

    Delivery Agent notified

    The delivery agent is notified once the product is ready to pick up, the customer is notified after the agent picks the order up.

  • null

    Product Delivered

    Based on the mode of delivery, the product is delivered to the customer safely.

  • null

    Rate Service

    Customers can then rate their store and the delivery experience individually.



Instacart Clone

Instacart Clone can be implemented across all levels right from the grass-root grocery store to a fullfledged Delivery only warehouse and everything in-between.


Organic Stores

Conscious consumers around the globe are moving towards organic produce. Cater to these customers, list products on the store to help them find it easily.

Farmer Cooperative societies

The Grocery delivery script empowers farmer cooperative societies to start their own delivery business cutting out middlemen who undervalue their produce.


Premium Coffee

Wholesale Coffee Estate owners and roasteries can take advantage of the Grocery delivery app development company’s product to start their own delivery platform.

Supermarkets Multi-chain

Supermarket chains can further expand their presence by enabling city-wide delivery of their products. Customers can easily browse the catalog and order.

Delivery-Only Warehouses

Manage Delivery-only warehouses using this Instacart Clone. Take advantage of the suite of features that can help you run the business in the new era.

Features Provided

Our Grocery delivery app development company made sure that all the features are on par with the global standards to give your business an edge over your competitors.


Registration Mandatory OTP

based registration to ensure that only genuine customers are on boarded on the platform.

Organized Catalog

Customers can browse the catalog from stores easily.

Quick search

Platform wide and store-wide search helps them to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.


Ratings and reviews help improve the delivery experience better, the feature is available after delivery.

Search Filters

Add special search criteria to quicken the search

Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders right after they place the order.

Discount Coupons

The ability to add Discount coupons is present at the checkout process

Save items

Select the items from a store and save them to place an order at a later date.

Payment Methods

Customers can choose a payment method of their choice to make payment.

Delivery Type

Choose from regular to express delivery from the available slots.

Address Book Add

Remove, or manage delivery address from the user’s account

Push notifications

Get important alert through Push notification and SMS



A complete storefront with the option to add information, images, and products under the store

Catalog organizer

Organize the catalog so it becomes easier for customers

Inventory management

Manage inventories and keep track of the products easily.

Order alerts

Get notified of each order and accept/reject/modify the quantity

Store analytics

Complete store analytics to understand how your store is performing and what products are mostly sold.

Revenue tracker

Keep track of how much revenue the store has made every month.

Storewide coupon

Store owners can offer discounts on their stores to their customers to boost sales.

Delivery Area mapper

Select the delivery areas that the store would cater to from the store panel.

Sales Ledger

Manage and audit the sales ledger, get a downloadable copy of it for external store auditing.

Ad Management

Promote your store to customers by purchasing sponsored listings.



Store onboarding

Before a store setups up on the platform, ensure that they comply with the rules, collect their registration information, etc.

Manage users

Manage and view details about every customer on the platform.

Manage Stores

View details and manage or remove stores from the platform

Manage Orders

Manage orders placed on the platform and assist customers with the best service.

Promo Code

Create sitewide promo codes for customers to use

Payout Management

Manage payouts to stores and delivery partners effortlessly all from one place.

Expense Tracker

Keep track of all the expenses in the business for auditing.

Marketing Module

Easily send out marketing emails and SMS to customers

Ad Management

View ad requests from Store owners and also set up ad banners across the platform.

Delivery Area Marker

Make your platform available to any city or country you wish to run the business in.


Delivery partners can toggle their availability.

Accept / Reject orders

Delivery agents can accept/reject the orders

Confirm Package

Confirm the items in the package are in good shape

Upload Bill

Delivery partners can take a picture of the bill and upload it for the customers

Delivery Status

Notify the customer of every status right from ‘Picked up’ to ‘Delivered’.


In-app navigation helps the delivery partner to reach the customer’s location swiftly.

Push notifications

Even if the app is closed, it runs in the background to notify important information.

Revenue tracker

Track all the deliveries made over the month and view accumulated revenue

Delivery history

A historical view of all the deliveries made.

Tech Specs


Version 1.1


Date Created: 21/01/2018


Last Updated: 03/05/2020


Php Version 7.4


MySQL Version 8.x


Android 9.x


iOS 13


Framework UB49X


See what's new

Upcoming Features:

– More Store Categories
– Partner selection parameters
– Platform verified store badge

Version 1.1

– Performance updates
– Bug fixes
– Partner KYC

Version 1.0

– Partner Signup
– Vendor portal
– Apps for partners
– Apps for users
– Admin dashboard
– Reporting feature
– Overall Revenue tracking
– Partner revenue tracking
– Vendor revenue tracking
– Analytics
– Partner rating
– Vendor rating
– Google Maps integration

Best Instacart clone.


Built by Experts who understand the challenges that the Food and Grocery Delivery industry faces day in and day out. The product incorporates features that are easy to use by both customers and business owners.
Grocery Delivery Software is built following the industry’s best practices and is a culmination of years of product research and development.

The product not only takes care of the technology side, but it also has business-enhancing features such as marketing modules to grow your business.

In-built Monetization Channels

Tap into multiple revenue channels that can potentially help grow your business 3X.


Sales Commission

Earn a commission for every sale made on the platform. The percentage of commission can be set from the admin panel.


Delivery Fee

For every delivery made, you can charge the user a delivery fee. The delivery fee can be based on distance or fee.


Preferential Markup

Negotiate a special price for the store items on your platform to make and add your markup to the items in the store.


Sponsored Listing

Earn revenue by selling targetted advertising spots to interested consumers from stores listed on the platform. Additionally, display banner ads of your choice.

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Admin Panel

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User Panel

Store Panel

Store Admin
Username : [email protected]

What the Community Says

We've built some amazing thoughtful features right inside the product to easily manage the business and still many are on the way.

What do you get?

100% Source code for

– Sleek Customer Mobile App

– Robust Delivery Partner Mobile app

– Responsive Web front.

– Secure Admin Dashboard.

– Powerful Restaurant Dashboard.


– Detailed Setup and Installation Documentation. Check here.


Our Grocery delivery script is good to instantly set up and run the business. However, our Grocery Delivery App development company based on your Use Case and unique feature requirement builds custom solutions.

The expert team at the Grocery Delivery App Development Company brainstorms with you about the idea you are looking to build. It is then broken down and planned to the finest details to make sure that no logical loophole is present. Once the team analyses the requirement end to end, it then moves towards planning the development phases and what features would be built. The Grocery Delivery App development Company plans and executes the project in stages to comply with our quality standards and you can see that there’s progress and test it out.

At every stage, you can share your feedback with the Grocery Delivery app development and it would be shaped accordingly.


– You can use this code for only 1 Domain.
– You cannot re-distribute or sell this source code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer installation support for the Grocery Delivery Software?

We do offer installation support for the Grocery Delivery Script. We charge a nominal flat fee for installation. Please get in touch with one of our agents to take things forward.

What are the server requirements for the script?

We recommend a minimum of 2GB RAM/ 40 GB disk space/ 2 GHZ CPU Cloud or VPS or dedicated server running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Can I add my own branding to the product before starting the business?

The grocery delivery app script is completely white-labeled meaning you can change the branding to your liking before starting the business.

How does the Grocery Delivery App Development Company work?

You can use the base script and customize it by adding new features you like to make it unique or if you want a complete script from scratch based entirely on your idea. the grocery delivery app development company can build you one from scratch. To know more about our development process, feel free to reach out to us.

How long does the Grocery Delivery App Development Company take to customize my product?

Timelines for development entirely depends upon the complexity of your idea. At the Grocery Delivery App Development Company, we issue the time estimate once we have a clear understanding of the business logic & module development schedules in place, we come up with these in consultation with our development team.

Does the Grocery Delivery App Development Company help with acquiring new customers?

Yes, we do have marketing & Sales team on hire at the Grocery Delivery App Development Company’s HQ. From time to time some of our customers require a set of extra hands to boost their sales and marketing effort, our team swings into action. Please speak to our sales executive to know more about the Teams On-Demand facility.

Best Grocery delivery script

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Industry News Updates

Published article: 24 Feb, 2021 at 10 A.M UTC

Amazon will begin to put new grocery delivery customers on a waitlist and curtail shopping hours at some Whole Foods stores. Amazon will begin to put new grocery delivery customers on a wait-list and reduce shopping hours at some Whole Foods stores to prefer orders from existing customers buying food online during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the company said on Sunday.

Many clone solutions such as Instacart clone, Instacart clone script, Grofers clone, all grocery delivery platform is proliferating by rendering grocery delivery services to people amid the virus outbreak. In many countries and states, sources have been reducing and diminishing. Home food delivery has gone from a convenience used by a relative few to a boom industry, buying food online has often became a big headache. Demand is so high that some services and markets have fallen more than a week behind.

Grofers is on track to rack up $60-$70 million in new funding, sources told, as the online grocer registers a major demand surge with more Indians shopping online for essentials amid a continued nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Grocery delivery portion of the business has more than doubled since people sheltered in place. And as the weeks have gone on, I’d say our restaurant delivery business has more than doubled as well,” acknowledged Mark Urenda, the local owner of FoodJets, a franchise company that partners with Raley’s Supermarkets in addition to picking up hot food takeout orders.Workers are uniting and striking May 1, International Worker’s Day, to protest working conditions at Amazon, Instacart, Shipt, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target and FedEx.

Instacart plans to hire an additional  around 300,000 contractors to help it deliver groceries to people during the coronavirus pandemic. With so many individuals and families stuck inside as a result of social distancing measures and shelter in place orders in states like California, Instacart says order volume has increased by 150 percent over the last few weeks, with people buying more per cart as well.

Walmart app with grocery functionality to roll out in phases and for the Walmart Grocery app to be deactivated this summer. But booming online shopping activity during the coronavirus pandemic moved up that timetable. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon noted increase in this week. Uber plans to build on that in Latin America by expanding the grocery delivery service, Cornershop. The company is seeking a majority stake in the Chilean startup — a deal that has been approved in Chile and is being reviewed in Mexico. Now that talks with Grubhub Inc. fell through, the pressure is rising to find a new source of growth at Uber.

Impact of Covid-19 in Online Grocery Market:The utility-owned segment is mainly being driven by increasing financial incentives and regulatory supports from the governments globally.Asia-Pacific is anticipated to get highly affected by the spread of the COVID-19 due to the effect of the pandemic in China, Japan, and India. China is the epic center of this lethal disease. China is a major country in terms of the chemical industry.

Costco and Instacart — an app that lets users select a grocery store and pick out items they would like delivered — announced the partnership on Thursday following a successful two-month pilot project in select Ontario warehouses.Instacart will deliver Costco’s bulk selection of groceries, pantry staples and household essentials to the customer’s door in as fast as two hours within ordering online.

Softbank-backed Grofers has advanced its plan to launch an initial public offer by the end of next year after its profitability path zoomed during the lockdown period, a top official of the company said.

The subsequent lockdowns forced Australian supermarkets to respond by initially reverting to online channels and home delivery, and then — as the restrictions eased — they had to cope with social distancing in-store which blew out queues and waiting times.

The pecking order in the $2-billion online grocery market in India has been shaken up by newcomer JioMart. Based on orders per day, JioMart, the two-month-old e-commerce venture of Reliance Industries (RIL), is ahead of rivals BigBasket and Amazon, other grocery delivery app, numbers shared by these firms and sourced from the industry indicate.

The Enercent App is now being utilized by all EV-using Big Basket delivery agents to determine, chart, preserve, Charge and evaluate their 2 wheeler and 3-wheeler EVs. Enercent is also extending a unified dashboard for warehouse-level, regional and HQ operations managers of Big Basket.

Alibaba and other existing investors including Mirae Asset and CDC Group  participated in the bridge-round, Vipul Parekh, co-founder of BigBasket, told TechCrunch in an interview. Parekh said the startup intends to close a larger financing round in the next six to nine months.

The launch of InstaMart comes at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has hastened consumer preference for doorstep deliveries, especially in metros, and as deep-pocketed entrants, including Flipkart Quick, as well as existing players Amazon, BigBasket and Dunzo have heightened focus on this category.

After several months of lockdown and social distancing restrictions, consumers are increasingly preferring ordering groceries online. Operators in the e-commerce space are revisiting their strategies to tap this market segment better

Tata Digital could launch a ‘Super App’ by December, which will integrate its consumer offerings on a single platform. Tata Group operates ecommerce platform Tata CLiQ, online grocery store StarQuik and online electronics platform Croma.The new app will pit the company against rivals such as Reliance and Amazon.

Daily grocery delivery platform Milk basket has advanced its plan to launch an initial public offering by the second half of next year, buoyed by strong growth in business in recent months amidst the pandemic, company executive siad.

The online delivery of essentials and grocery space saw huge traction with new big players like Jio Mart, Flipkart, and Amazon. Bigbasket and Grofers are existing major players in this space.

A Nielson study shows that developed countries such as the US, UK, Japan, and France are among the fastest adopters of the trend, with over one-fourth of consumers already shopping grocery online

Avnish Bajaj, managing director, Matrix India, said, “The business has expanded into fresh food, and the resilience of the full stack and digital-first business model was evident during the recent Covid-19 disruption with an acceleration in the growth of the business.”

Home deliveries are one of the few growth sectors of the struggling British economy. The pandemic has accelerated existing trends, with more people than ever ordering goods and groceries online, while delivery companies and supermarkets strain to keep up with demand.

Precise location and efficient operation of stores are among the reasons the grocery industry should be taking seriously Amazon’s new banner, said Bill Bishop, chief architect of consulting firm Brick Meets Click.

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With such Business ready softwares available in the market, more entrepreneurs are quickly starting Food ordering Services in their city.


Out of all the On-demand delivery Services, Food delivery is proving to be the fastest growing sector. With huge profits and traction.


Like what WordPress did for Blogging, and Shopify did for eCommerce. These folks are doing for the Food Delivery Sector. Would be fascinating to see how it grows.


More and more people are ordering food online in developing countries. Food delivery software companies employ Blockchain technology for maximum efficiency.

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