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How to download the Food delivery script?

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:58 am
by fooddelivery
Before we begin the installation process, we would need the necessary files to install it on the server. Let's learn how to download them from the download section.

Make sure you have given the correct email id as the link to download would be sent to the email specified. Also, any future updates that we make to the script would be communicated to the same ID. So make sure, you have access to it.

Step 1: After signing up, the confirmation email would have shown up on your inbox with the link to download the script.
download-1.png (33.28KiB)Viewed 24524 times
Step 2: Click on the View Purchase Online button

Step 3: Download the Script from the download portal as shown below.
download-2.png (51.71KiB)Viewed 24524 times
Great! Now let’s get to setting up the server environment and dependencies.