Uploading the Script

Learn to set up the Food Delivery script easily with the help of our Step by Step Installation guide.
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Uploading the Script

Post by fooddelivery » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:33 pm

Step 1:

To upload the file, you can use an FTP program like FileZilla. If you have a Cpanel based system. You can head over to the Cpanel dashboard and click on the file manager option.
cPanelhome-1.png (115.69KiB)Viewed 25021 times
Step 2:

Head over to the /public_html/ or /var/www/html/ depending on the hosting to upload the zipped installation files.
cPanel-fileupload-2.png (77.53KiB)Viewed 25021 times
Step 3:

Click on the Upload button to upload the files in the directory.
cPanel-fileupload-3.png (45.75KiB)Viewed 25021 times
Step 4:

Extract the Zipped file in the said directory.
cPanel-extract-4.png (99.43KiB)Viewed 25021 times
Step 5:

Enter the ‘Food’ directory
cPanel-extracted-5.png (93.65KiB)Viewed 25021 times
Step 6:

Move the contents of the Food folder to the /public_html/
extracted-files-6.png (100.84KiB)Viewed 25021 times
We've extracted the files and placed it in the public html folder. Now to create database/ db user and configure the .env files. In the next post, you would be able to do these.

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