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$6027 worth XMR mined in last 18 days.

What's this?

953+ Global Food Businesses use this script,

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$6027 worth XMR mined in last 18 days.

What's this?

Separate IOS, Android apps for your Customers & Drivers.
Sophisticated Dashboard for Vendors to manage orders and business.
Secure & powerful Admin Panel for You to manage the entire platform.
Users can Pay using Credit Card, Paypal & Cryptocurrency

Discover Vendors, Mighty Fast.

Customers can swiftly discover Vendors around them based on the category they choose or looking for a specific vendor, the discovery engine can help. It's really that simple.

Find. Order. Track. Receive.

Pick the product that suits the need, choose the location that it needs to be delivered to and track the progress.

Vendor/Partner Experience

We've built superior onboarding web and app experience for both your Vendors and partners to effectively propel your business to success. It's a Win-Win for everyone.

Efficient Inventory Mapping

Vendors get their own space to manage their store, inventory accept orders or track their sales and get more details about their store's performance. Keeping track of inventory is seamless.

The All-Powerful Dashing Control Center

The Super admin panel puts you in the center of all the action happening on the platform. Get a glimpse of the revenue, Delivery Partner performances, Vendors among other things.

Tech specs
  • Version 1.1
  • Date Created: 20/03/2019
  • Last Updated: 07/05/2019
  • Php Version 7.2
  • MySQL Version 5.5
  • Android 5.x
  • iOS 9
  • Framework UB49X


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      Upcoming Features:

      - More Store Categories
      - Partner selection parameters
      - Platform verified store badge

      Version 1.1

      - Performance updates
      - Bug fixes
      - Partner KYC

      Version 1.0

      - Partner Signup
      - Vendor portal
      - Apps for partners
      - Apps for users
      - Admin dashboard
      - Reporting feature
      - Overall Revenue tracking
      - Partner revenue tracking
      - Vendor revenue tracking
      - Analytics
      - Partner rating
      - Vendor rating
      - Google Maps integration


We've built some amazing thoughtful features right inside the product to easily manage the business and still many are on the way. After all, the devil is in the details.

Vendor Portal
Location-based stores
Category based listing
Admin Panel
Partner Onboarding

Top 3 Reasons to use Food Delivery Script for your Business

  Food Delivery Script is the most SECURE script in the market. It is the only script that follows this security checklist.

  2295+ Entrepreneurs and Restaurants happily use Food Delivery Script. The script is solid, Time Tested and gone through many versions.

  Its completely FREE along with Setup assistance. Why so low?

In-built Monetization Channels

Tap into multiple revenue channels that can potentially help grow your business 3X.

Delivery Fee

As a platform owner, you can charge a delivery fee based on the distance between the vendor's store or restaurant. This fee can be flexible or fixed. (manually needs to be set).

Vendor fee

Vendors could be charged a fee for every sale being made on the platform. Approvals are done by the admin through the admin panel.

Negotiated Item/service price

This happens offline, as a platform owner, you could strike a deal with the vendors who offer their products on your platform to apply preferential pricing. This gives you a competitive advantage for your business

In-store Ad

Through the admin panel, manage and publish special offers and promotions that would display on the apps.

What the Community Says

Valentina Becker

I've always wanted to get my local Wine delivery business online and I couldn't find a better partner than Food Delivery Script, they deployed the wine delivery app in a short span of time. Cheers !

Gelu Răducan

Just have to say, what an amazing piece of software. I would be more than happy to pay for the effort you put in.

Jonas Martinsen

Great stuff! thoughtful features to start a business. I give it a thumbs up and 4 stars!

Liam Nguyen

I used Food Delivery Script's software to set up a hyperlocal delivery system for my client and they loved it. It reduced hours and tons of coding.

Dave Portman

This has made my work easy, I can literally go to market in less than a Month as I already have a product to show the restaurants and VCs.

Matilda Walker

I've often wondered about the cost associated with developing a software that is in the Hyperlocal delivery space. Food Delivery Script just gets that one off the plate.

Ted Bingham

Fascinating software! never knew such a thing is a reality. If Wordpress did food delivery software, this would be it.

Simon Thomsen

Really interesting project here guys! Looking forward to seeing how it takes shape. Just work on the intricate details and the product will outdo others.

Marcel Wolff

Can't get any better and all this for free! It's quick and easy to setup as well. Thanks a ton!

Patrick Fischer

The support is great and every question I had while installing was clarified by Ron from the support team at Food Delivery Script. I'd highly recommend the product.

Live Demo

What do you get?

100% Source code for

- Sleek Customer Mobile App

- Robust Delivery Partner Mobile app

- Responsive Web front.

- Secure Admin Dashboard.

- Powerful Restaurant Dashboard.


- Detailed Setup and Installation Documentation. Check here.

- One-to-One Setup Assistance by the experts in our community.


- The version you are downloading is V6.23
- We release regular updates. All updates are free for life.
- The package contains 100% Source Code + Installation Guide.
- Also has a robust API layer for adding any new features effortlessly.


- You can use this code for only 1 Domain.
- You cannot re-distribute or sell this source code.

In The Press


With such Business ready softwares available in the market, more entrepreneurs are quickly starting Food ordering Services in their city.


Out of all the On-demand delivery Services, Food delivery is proving to be the fastest growing sector. With huge profits and traction.


Like what Wordpress did for Blogging, and Shopify did for eCommerce. These folks are doing for the Food Delivery Sector. Would be fascinating to see how it grows.


More and more people are ordering food online in developing countries. Food delivery software companies employ Blockchain technology for maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Uber Eats clone script allows anyone to start a food delivery business instantly (Provided you have figured out the offline logistics part etc). The Uber eats clone script comes with an intuitively designed Web interface that users can user to navigate through restaurants around them, find the food item they are keen to order and then place the order. All this as easy as a breeze.
While the concept behind the product is food delivery order management, this Just eat clone script doesn't exactly mimic the entire feature of Just Eat. If you would like some specific features that you would want in your version of the Just eat clone script, we would be happy to add it for you. Just get in touch with our Customization Team, they would be happy to work with you.
Absolutely. A huge gap still exists in the Food delivery space across different markets. The current providers have only been able to cater to the Urban consumer segment and they are still finding it hard to cater to the huge appetite that is increasing demand. With the Foodpanda Clone script, you can identify the pain points that have been bogging the industry and offer great service through the use of innovative delivery technologies and optimizations.
You bet. Though you can run a food delivery business as soon as possible once you are setup, identifying your Unique Selling Point (USP) would give it the edge. When you do have a clear cut plan on the features you are planning to implement, you can get any developer or you could get in touch with us to do the customization for you. Our process is pretty simple, should you choose to add features to the Food delivery software, Our business development executive loops in a senior developer to breakdown the features into subsets and discusses on the implementation methodologies. Once you have zeroed in on the final set of features post the implementation discussion, the developers get the required server credentials etc from you and start working on building the features. We regularly send you out updates, to ensure that we are on the right track as per the specifications agreed. Taking feedback from the regular updates, we make changes if any (Only those within the scope), iron out the bugs and the final delivery is done.
Majority of Restaurant ordering software that are currently in the market, are either poorly designed or lack additional feature subsets. Meaning the softwares are just okay and do not go beyond a certain level of detailing. This Restaurant Online ordering software however is designed to offer customizations, taxation breakdowns among other features.

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