5 things to expect from your food delivery app

When can you offer a great service to your customers? Only when you know about their needs and expectations! So, getting to know about that, you can apply your own fancies and ideas to trigger a better result. This criterion can be applied to online food startups as well.

The benefits of using an on demand food delivery apps are obviously evident. It’s instant and requires less human interaction. You can get your favorite meal right in your bed with your own comfort. Okay well! Are you in the development phase of an¬†online food ordering startup? Then you should should find the right keys to open such multiple locks.

Here’s a quick stuff on what a typical user expects in an on demand food delivery apps.

The Choice Paradox

Whenever, the User opens an app, he literally spends around 15 minutes trying to figure out that what he can order. He really feels confused, because of the overwhelming sheer options of food.

Curated choice of food is the best thing. May be few food preferences questions can pop up, whenever the User tries to order. Restaurant and cuisine recommendations can be shown based on that. This just works like the personalized feed stuff. Notifications can also be an add on at this point. Push notifications can help in such a way, helping your on demand food clone app to grow substantially.

Delivery Time – High Priority

People should not faint by waiting for their food to get delivered. The sooner the delivery time, the better it will be. Generally, delivering the food within 25 minutes is great. Adding to that, 35 minutes can be better. And 45 minutes can be acceptable. Once, the delivery process gets initiated, instant updates can be sent to the customer, like, food is out for delivery included with ETA.

So, this keeps the customer updated regarding his order and simultaneously he can check the live map route of the delivery partner using the GPS feature.

GPS over Traditional tracking

This is an essential feature for any on demand food delivery script. Being in a City, it’s very difficult to locate people to our residence. And what will be the situation, in case, not knowing the local language? GPS and Location Tracking can be enabled so that, the delivery in charge can navigate easily to the provided residence, without making a call for every landmark.

It extends it features on both the double ways of a customer and also a delivery partner. More shortly, just like the two-way tracking system.

Ensured Payments

It should be clearly ensured that the prices mentioned in the application should be directly reflective to that of the restaurant’s price. Least, the last price update can be mentioned. Customer centric practices can take a hit upon this strategy. But loyal customers don’t feel okay with this concept.

And when it comes to payment, special offers and discounts are the best ways in attracting the customers. Most of the people, who are frequently using the application, will expect rewards, cashback, coupon codes, offer unlocked etc.

Clubbed & Delivered Together

At most of the times, a person will order for him and his friends, but the food will be delivered in different batches. So that the entire group has to wait for the closure of all the orders.

As much as possible, orders can be clubbed and delivered in a single go. So that, less time will be consumed in guiding the delivery person over the phone and also the waiting process. This idea can be added as a feather to the hat in such on demand food delivery apps.


Making the long story short, DeliWare is an on demand food delivery app script, which had already established it’s reputation and is really hitting great guns these days.

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