Best-in-class food delivery clone app

Are you planning to get your food delivery startup? 

In today’s world we are held up with a busy life. But life has also become reasonably easier because of many smart applications. Food delivery is the most emerging business idea of the present time. Then obviously, food ordering and delivery will be the two incredible disruptors in this digital world. 

Moreover, food delivery apps have revolutionized the way by which the food items reach the customers. DeliWare, the food delivery clone app, will be the best idea to take up your business to the next level. It’s aims at helping the Entrepreneurs succeed in their business.

DeliWare is an on demand clone app because of it’s smart and robust features. It also got huge appreciations across the zone. This food delivery app clone is built with PHP language and it’s an open source software, so that personalized customizations can be made. It has four primary panels – Admin, Restaurant, Customer and Rider. In which each panel has its specific functions.

Why DeliWare ?

When it comes to ordering, the user can pick a restaurant, can select an order of his/her wish, pay the total and place the order. DeliWare, the food delivery script, has totally a neat design wherein it deals with categorized product display. Providing location detection via Google Maps to the user/partner is an enhanced advantage. Adding to that, he/she can also track the updates which includes instant chatting and calling options till the food packet comes to their hands.

In the scenes of Partner experience, our on demand clone app provides the best onboarding experience for the restaurant and the delivery resource. Because of its user friendly interface, the platform can be understood easily. Delivery partner’s app has the feature to control their availability, update the delivery status and reach out to the customer.

Using DeliWare, the food delivery clone script,  it’s very easy to manage all the Users, Delivery Partners and Vendors on this specific platform. Payments, Marketing Suites and even Feedback blocks are added.

So, in shorter terms, starting from selecting the cuisine list to getting an order summary, from accepting the incoming orders to the ratings, from getting the nearby delivery location to destination arrived, everything is done just with a click away with our food delivery clone app. Are you a fresh mind seeking the best software for your food business? Then show up your interest with us. Get to analyze the live demo of our on demand food delivery clone app. You are not immediately done just after the purchase of our product. 

Our team will extend their help towards you from launching the initial process till the server setup. DeliWare is totally a customized solution, in which you can make changes with agility. This on demand food delivery application is an excellent option for avid Entrepreneurs, who are looking forward to launch their restaurant business. Adding to the point, DeliWare is totally a multipack application which is obviously the best to use. 

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