Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on Food delivery Business

effects of pandemic on food business
Rapid change in Food delivery platform

Millions of People are agonizing with the Corona Virus outbreak across the world. Its to risky to step outside to your homes. People are seized at their homes. They can not access any thing without stepping out. Fear of epidemic and contagion has made people approach groceries and food online. This has lead to the huge demand of groceries, food and other essential items across the world. People are trying to book their groceries online out of the fear of get infected but they are not able to get the slot open. Generally, it is taking more than 2 weeks to get your slot window online.

Hence, the panic of getting infected with this massive outbreak shifting people minds from going outside groceries stores to food delivery apps. In the past few days, there have been significant increase in utilizing of app marketplace. People are downloading and installing food delivery apps to buy food and groceries online. There have been huge number recorded by Apptopia, who scrutinize the app marketplace.

Panic buying and fear of getting infected converting people minds to shop groceries online which is leading to the high demand of workplace.

Panic buying and fear of infirmity has been increased in people which has lead to huge demand of workplace and labor in food delivery companies. Companies like Grofers, Ubereats, Zomato are recruiting around 12000 staff to work in warehouses, stores to deliver food and groceries to the people outside. Many of the food delivery companies workers have returned to their native places/ homes due to the epidemic outbreak. Due to lack of workplace, mega food delivery giants are looking for workplace to work in their warehouses.

On the other hand, unprecedented number of restaurants and bars have been closed due to the pandemic. According to the survey, the revenue plot has plunged to 19.6% year over year. Whereas, groceries store is 87.4 % year over year. Many of the food delivery companies are experimenting new features and innovative ways to reach to people effortlessly. Young entrepreneurs are inventing food delivery scripts which can notifies you when the groceries stores are opening their slot windows online so that you can easily book your groceries. Many Corporate are buying new food app clones and food delivery app scripts to sell food, groceries and other vital accessories online. This is leading to thriving the delivery business marketplace during the pandemic since people are downloading this scripts to their phones and booking groceries online.

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