Restaurant promotion ideas for this Christmas season

You can offer a great service to your customers only when you know what they exactly need. Knowing that, you can apply your own ideas for a better result. This can be applied well to festive seasons as well. As a restaurateur, December will be an extremely busy month for you. If your business is still open in the middle of a full-blown lockdown, this will definitely be your good chance to stand out from the crowd with your restaurant promotion techniques. Spread wide and far because you’re the exception. 

Make every possible means of communicating with your customers to attain your target. If you’re juggling in coming up with some super cool promotion ideas for your restaurant here are some quick ways to get your customers hooked this holiday season and boost your revenue.

Your website

Users, when visiting your restaurant must see the “Open on Christmas Day” news on your website. With this they can make sure they can spend Christmas Day at your restaurant. An attractive and colorful festive banner featuring colors like red, gold and green can be posted on the website. This is the basic trick. Majority of the people will see mostly on social media that you’re open on Christmas. Never forget to create posts and add stories on the social media platform you use. 

Social media posts are the improved and new kind of digital flyers. Circulate many flyers and posters throughout the area of your service. Using your special board to make announcements is also a cool idea. 

Table reservations

Now that the potential customers are kept aware that spending Christmas at your restaurant will be a good choice. You can make a basic calculation of how many people can be expected and the eating arrangements etc. Make sure you abide by all means of social distancing norms in place, ensuring safety. This will be more easy if prior reservations are done and not allowing sudden walk-ins. Most restaurants provide good and traditional Christmas Day offers and that’s good, but they are not enough. 

Always make sure that the kitchen stock is on notice of every ingredient needed for your specials. It will not be so impressive to tell a customer that you’re out of their favorite dish.

Marketing trends

Marketing trends are always a changing landscape. Aligning with new trends is a must to explore the best types of restaurant promotions this season. December is the month of thanksgiving. So many popular brands and the most successful promotion ideas may involve charity, vouchers, discounts, gift-giving and anything else that can be marakable as the joy of Christmas to as many as possible. A detailed and cost friendly approach will be a better suggestion to go with.

Social media 

Social media are the digital gold mines to draw in more customers this Christmas. Add posts to your social media profiles using festive pictures. Using Instagram to add stories of the delicious meals with “this vs. that” questions or like “What is your favorite dessert, drinks etc?”

When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are very important. Create your own hashtag and use it while sharing photos of your food from your restaurant. You can also encourage your customers to do the same. Keep engaging with your followers by asking them random questions like with whom they are celebrating the day, etc. Also provide reasonable offers for your restaurant dishes in food delivery app script as possible.

Deals & gift cards

Deals and vouchers are the new attractions. Offer your customers a unique bunch of gift cards and deals, who come to your restaurant. These can include discounts on certain dishes or free bites or desserts or a complimentary pastry.  And if they’re ordering the full Christmas menu, your restaurant promotion ideas will definitely won’t go unappreciated. If your restaurant is closed before the redeem dates, customers can avail the same offer though any online food delivery script, and order online. 

Bottom Line

Always choose the restaurant promotion ideas based on your budget and time limit. And try analyzing them to work well for your business. Get more creative and with the marketing strategies which draws both your old customers and also entices the new ones. Try bringing up more out-of-the-box ideas for December to give your customers a wonderful Christmas dining experience.

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