Things that every Entrepreneur needs to know about Dark Kitchens

The rise in the food delivery industry has created numerous economic trends. One of such trends which is having a green wave was dark kitchens. Earlier, the ambiance of the place matters the most. But now, what matters is the quality of food. 

Major chunk of people were not aware of the dark kitchens concept. In India, dark kitchens are developing, which is purely based on a delivery-only model. The main aim of this is to cater to the fast-growing customer demand through on demand food delivery applications.

The term dark kitchen may sound suspicious but it’s in fact a very blooming thing both in terms of business logistics and customer experience. Ghost kitchens, virtual kitchens, delivery only restaurants, cloud kitchens are the various terminologies for this dark kitchen concept. Still many people are not aware of this existence. The main concept is the same. This business caters to the customers only by delivery. They do not provide dining places for customers to visit and have their meals.

How can a dark kitchen benefit the food entrepreneur?

“We started this model in March 2018, when we realized that while a lot of budding entrepreneurs are setting up new restaurants and cloud kitchens, the pace of setting up new kitchen infrastructure has been lagging behind the demand for them,” Mohit Sardana, Chief Operating Officer, Food Delivery, at Zomato told IANS.

One of the major investments in the restaurant business is the cost for state of art and ambience. The restaurant set up process includes many transactions. In most  of the cases, the restaurant should have set up in a premium place. You can provide the best in class food, but if the ambience is not good, then people will not check in. Another part of your income goes to the electricity bill payments. You also need to hire staff to serve the customers. 

Alright ! What are the pros ?

So the dark kitchen concept drastically reduces the liquid money investments. And importantly, for a restaurant entrepreneur, this model gives the ability and power to focus on what’s the best about the deal and how to focus on making good food rather than worrying about running the business.

And the best advantage of the dark kitchen concept is that you can explore around with various menus, different brandings, and food ideas. You don’t need to feel difficult to turn quickly, as you are free from different knots. With dark kitchens you can grow with agility. If a certain menu is not working out well with your audience, you can totally revamp your menu list without breaking the bank.

Dark kitchen concept holds different business models. Like, options for investing in dark kitchen models or with private ghost kitchens with various unique brands with includes many in house models. Some third parties will manage the others.

Quick and hassle free delivery process using various online food delivery scripts is the most important thing to attain huge success In this dark kitchen concept, as multiple delivery partners are involved, which includes having their own process, structures and different teams.

Why are dark kitchens thriving?

There is already an exponential increase in online food ordering and delivery in recent years, where customers are highly focusing on convenience, time, ease of placing orders and expecting delivery at their doorsteps. 

Everything done from mobile food ordering scripts from anywhere ,with just a click away, is the main influence in the current food delivery and restaurant business. The usual trend of how traditional food businesses get to operate has been entirely revamped by the arrival of new technologies and increased demands.

When it comes to technology, everything is done just with a click away right from their place. Payment options have become easier with multiple ways  including mobile payments and wallets. And in addition to it, they can even track their orders in parallel.

Another set of firm influencers are the Millennials, are highly driven by this growth. They value their time like anything and do not prefer spending or waiting time on non productive tasks. All they need is the instant methods like quick ordering, payment, delivery and communication. The food industry is incorporating themselves with various concepts and ideas to meet these demands. So there is no doubt that a dark kitchen is one of the byproducts of this change.


Online food ordering and delivery will surely hit higher growths for the next two decades and more may be. DeliWare is the best online food delivery script incorporated with many high end features. Are you willing to start or enhance your dark kitchen idealogy? Then it’s the right time to contact us to maximize the leverage from your dark kitchen business. Our in house experts are ready to help you out.

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