Things you need to know about the Zomato Clone Apps

It’s dinnertime, a torrential downpour on the outside, and the fridge is nearly empty. Few years ago, if such a situation prevailed, we made food ourselves, cancelling the outdoor dining plans. But today, we order food through our phones using different food ordering apps. 

Within twenty five minutes, we are getting whatever we craved for,  and mainly there’s not a single dish to wash after the process. Lol. Our love for food is a never ending story. This is why many food delivery apps are in huge demand these days. People no longer have to wait for ages for their favorite food, as the food gets delivered right exactly at their doorsteps.

Various food ordering apps are making their bright presence in this industry creating a significant impact and attaining profits by following the exact trends. The life of our foodies has become so much easier, as their taste buds need not have to wait for a longer time.

The online food delivery apps have become very solutions among Millennial and youth too. Well, to satisfy the favorite needs of our people, many business developers have started developing their own food delivery app scripts. There are many food clone scripts available, in which you can customize your own features in addition to the existing ones. Zomato Clone App is one among them.

Are you an Entrepreneur and juggling with many options to choose with? Okay, then, Let’s explore why Zomato Clone App will be the best fit for your search. 

Why Zomato Clone Script ?

You may have heard a lot about Zomato Clones that’s been released in the recent IT market trends. Okay well, how does it actually work? Apart from all the technical terms and all such glam about its pros, what it exactly does? Let’s get through the need, the action in a comprehensible manner. So how does the Zomato food delivery app clone works in real time?

Getting Started

After the successful login, now you can explore around the app. As a customer, once choosing the current location you can proceed searching for a list of restaurants with food menus’ according to your taste and preferred price. Next select a restaurant from that huge list. It is advised to pick the outlet that is closest to your current residence, if you are super hungry. Being practical unlocks the hunger key. 

Check out process

Before submitting the order, you can see the various options to edit, add, delete or change any of the food items in your cart, in a latest Zomato clone script. Changes can be made as per the needs. Then, you can proceed to place the order, after adding the necessary items from the menu, to your cart.


For the items that you’ve ordered, you can either pay through online mediums or can directly pay for them, once the order is delivered to you. Online payments include paying through credit/debit cards, online bank transfer and many payment gateways. Cash on delivery can also be opted.

Order Confirmation

Once you confirm your order, it’s been notified to the restaurant. The restaurant gets the information that an order has been placed with specific items in the menu. They will look through the order, along with your special messages mentioned in the order sent to you, through that Zomato clone app.


Once the restaurant accepts your order and your necessary details, the message is then forwarded to proceed with the preparation. The kitchen staff looks through your order and the preparation takes place accordingly. Attention is given to your preferences and also to your special instructions. The dishes are prepared with great quality.


After the preparation is done, it’s been packed well and will be delivered to you in a  maximum short-time. Sitting right on your couch comfortably and watching the TV, your favorite food gets delivered to you, through the wonderful Zomato clone app!

Features to be integrated in the Zomato Clone App

Every clone app has certain primary panels. In which each panel has different functions. Likewise, let’s check out the different panels that must be in a Zomato Clone App

User App – Users can log in using OTP, if they’re signed up earlier. Customers can label their favorite restaurants, from where they order food on a regular basis. They can add or remove items as per their wish. Customers will receive all alerts regarding the order details, delivery details of the delivery partner, etc. 

Customers can also review and give ratings for the food items, restaurants, and delivery partner in the feedback options. These ratings will help the restaurants and outlets to rank higher. Using order status display, customers can get the order details. The status of the order changes from “On the way”, “Arrived at location”, “Delivered”, etc. Promo codes and payment preferences will be provided in the User App.

Restaurant App – Creating, managing, and deletion of products on the menu provided by the restaurants can be done. Restaurants can choose to go offline or online depending on their needs. The restaurants add some more  to the food menus, combos. Restaurant person can track the delivery partner’s location. Every action which needs to be taken care by the restaurant, from preparing the order till dispatching it to the delivery partner comes under this panel.

Admin App – Admin Login gives the complete control over the food delivery application. The Admin can edit, delete, and may even block any user or respective restaurant accounts. The Admin can control the payment modes provided in the app. Technical Support and assistance in this panel help to keep the app working flawless and safe from any attacks.

So, DeliWare comes into the picture!

DeliWare is an on demand clone app because of it’s smart and robust features. It also got huge appreciations across the zone. This best food delivery app clone is built with PHP language and it’s an open source software, which includes all the cloned features from an food delivery app like Zomato and personalized customizations can be made.

DeliWare, the food delivery clone app, will be the best idea to take up your business to the next level. It’s aims at helping the Entrepreneurs succeed in their business.

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